Enjoy the new attitude to live healthy

Discover the new way to eat pasta without a guilty conscience: Our gluten-free pasta innovation made from 100% organic beans offers the perfect balance of high-quality proteins, filling fibers and complex carbohydrates. Thanks to its enormous nutrient density, it makes you full - but not fat - and provides your body with everything it needs for maximum daily performance. Perfect for healthy connoisseurs who do not want to miss the pleasure of eating.

Just Eat »Better Carbs«

Our body needs good carbohydrates as an energy source. They are important for our hormone balance, they provide a long-lasting satiety and are simply part of a balanced diet. Those who want to reduce carbs in their daily diet should avoid simple carbohydrates and resort to complex carbohydrates. Edamama Pasta not only has 5 times less carbohydrates than wheat pasta, but also complex carbohydrates.

Blood sugar increase after ingestion

Since the long-chain carbohydrates have to be split first during digestion, the body is energized longer and more evenly. This ensures a balanced blood sugar level and a long-lasting satiety.

High quality protein

Our pasta has four times as much protein as wheat pasta and contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs for muscle building and regeneration. Since they can be stored in the body only limited, they must be supplied daily through the diet. In addition, protein lasts longer with the same number of calories than carbohydrates or fats.

Saturating fiber

The high fiber content causes the satiety starts faster and lasts longer. The indigestible dietary fibers swell up in the stomach, tripling their volume. This stimulates digestion and gives the brain enough to eat.

Healthy meets tasty - fast & easy

Thanks to the mild taste and the beloved 'al dente' bite, our pasta can be used in a variety of ways. Combined with imaginative sauces and fresh vegetables, you will soon be able to enjoy delicious and well-balanced dishes. Serve the pasta hot as a healthy pasta dish or cold as a filling pasta salad. And since Edamama Pasta brings more protein to the plate than any source of animal protein, nothing stands in the way of a vegetarian dish.

Put the pasta in salted water and, with occasional stirring, simmer in an open pan. Once the desired firmness has been achieved, drain the water and drain well in the sieve. Buon Appetito!